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Luxina was founded in 1949 and has become well known – especially locally – for its hair pomade, partly as it is so unique, being both lightweight and also available in a spray-cream version.

Strengthened by this initial experience, to which it owes its success and reputation, Edelstein began its work specialising in the professional field, in the formulation and production of products developed for the men’s market.

The company, managed by the Pellegrini family and with the attention and sensitivity of a family, believes in and invests in technological innovation, as well as in the quality and professionalism of its resources.

All this has enabled the family company to become an industrial reality, marketing consistently high-quality products that guarantee the right relationship with the price.

Today, however, Luxina is no longer just a pomade: Edelstein has decided to develop a range of products, useful for creating the looks desired by the modern man, according to his new philosophy of life.

All the products in the Luxina line have been designed and manufactured to guarantee a style that reflects a young and ironic man, a man who takes care of himself but also wants to feel both free and natural.

Today, Luxina is ready for Him thanks to Him. Thank you from Edelstein!

Nino, Franco and Paolo Pellegrini.




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